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I’m going to preface this post by writing that a lot of people, some I know, some I might not know, will probably disagree with this post, perhaps even vociferously.  Just remember to keep it civil.

I recently received a letter from Senator Rand Paul that infuriated me.  Maybe you have, too.  And maybe it pissed you off as much as it did me.  This letter, this mass communique, this junk mail, this solicitation, whichever category you feel it fits into,  is about repealing Roe v Wade.  Clearly I disagree with this idea, mostly because I’m a liberal baby-killing monster, but also because I enjoy giving people, like, you know, women, options.  At least I do when it comes to my peers, not specifically on this topic, but any topic.

But the part I don’t understand about this is why abortion is so demonized.  Because we’re killing things that may or may not be alive yet depending on the study you choose to site based on which point you’re trying to make?  Or is it because you read in a book somewhere that every life is sacred (after God told people to crusade like crazy, fucked with Job and spake to Abraham that he should kill his son Isaac, even though he was joking on that last one ’cause Big G is a cut up) and you can’t make your own decisions?  Though I understand it, the thought of killing another person is a weighty beast no matter what their age, but I’d rather someone just terminate someone than have the little creature suffer for a lifetime.

There are many people I know that have worked in homes for troubled children and have had to hear their stories, like the child that had a mother who allowed grown men to rape him so she could score drugs, and sometimes I wonder if that’s the reality that some of these people are trying to create for these chilluns.  I don’t see abortion so much as a solution to a problem as I see it as a preventative measure to avoid having children be brought up in hellish conditions or neglected or abused and then causing more problems in society because people raised in broken homes ofttimes don’t turn out to be the most well-adjusted adults.  It happens, but it’s not a great shot.

I think back to the wonderful Greg Proops who often says that people denying abortions are pro-life but also anti-woman.  There’s a contingency of these pro-lifers who don’t care if a woman was raped or if a pregnancy is caused by incest because it’s an unborn fetus and it should have a right to life.  I get the last part, but why should we care so much for the unborn and not the person who will have to live with the fact that their child was created from rape and the memories of that situation, but let’s say that someone took out part of your liver and then mounted it on your wall, it might open up some mental wounds of when some jerk barged into your life and tore an organ out of your body every time you see it.  But you’re not allowed to take your removed, desiccated organ off the wall because that’s against what someone interpreted in, like, The Tripod Series by John Christopher.  Wouldn’t that get a little overwhelming and nerve wracking?

That’s what you have to think about.  That child is going to be a memory of that moment, no matter what they turn out to be.  And there might be that unconditional love for some people, but more often than not there’s going to be resentment, and do you really want someone to be put through that?  Thanks, people that aren’t the child bearer of that tiny human!

It doesn’t surprise me that it’s mostly men that harp on this stuff, but it honestly surprises me when women don’t want the choice to even be available.  That they want to be locked into a decision that’s being made for them by some dude they don’t know.  But then shit like this happens, where a woman says that rape babies are blessings and I just totally lose my mind.  I don’t understand the kind of mental state someone has to be in, except for total ignorance, to even state something that heinously wrong and horrible.  Like their mind has been twisted by what someone told them when they were growing up so much that they lose all grasp of reality.  I don’t think religion is an awful thing, it can be useful and there are people who practice it that are genuinely good people and they should be respected.  But it’s the nutballs like Sharon Barnes that give spiritual people a bad name who should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a thing.

And then this mess that I came across while doing research for this entry.  Yes, the children in that picture look identical.  Who gives a shit?  It’s not the end, it’s the means of the situation that matters.  What caused the result matters more to some women than the parasitic entity that is growing inside them.  That’s all there is to it and that’s my opinion, but don’t worry, I’m not going to gin up numbers or try to conjure facts to stand by my beliefs to get others to agree with me, either you do or you don’t.  That’s your business.  From what I can see, this whole thing is just an agenda against women that has been going on forever, and trying to shock me or put me into a guilt trip isn’t going to work, pro-lifers, because I’m from the internet and there isn’t a damn thing you can show me that I can’t best with a quick Google search.

I didn’t even get into the insanity where pro-life fundamentalists go out and kill doctors that offer late term abortions, picket family planning clinics and defame, debase or destroy anyone with any power that disagrees with them, because that’s ground tread far too often.  The duality of some people’s morals is just baffling to me.  You can’t kill a baby but killing someone who does a service for the people that are just looking for the option being drawn and quartered is A-OK!  That notion doesn’t make any sense, no matter how you slice it.

Look, I’m not saying that abortion is always the best option, hell, it shouldn’t even be at the top of the list when you don’t think you can provide for the child, at least seriously consider adoption first, and then consider it again and again.  But if the mother cannot bring this child to term or there are medical complications that will lead to the mother dying, then abortion should always be a choice.  It’s a last resort, and that’s all it is.  Don’t let these politicians, zealots, or anyone else take away your choices, because that’s what it is, another attempt to put a clamp on the collective genitals of the American people.


Fear of Ego

I despise the ego.  Not the Freudian ego, of course, that thing’s mostly harmless, but the part of human mentality that gives them an air of excessive pomp and circumstance.  I guess more egotism than the actual ego itself.  There seems to be a rampant run of idiots that think that anyone gives a shit about how they feel about themselves.  That we, as a congregate, need to pay attention to everything they’re doing because it’s much, much more important than whatever the fuck we have going on.  That they are so wonderful and if we scratch at that false self, they will bleed to death because their own construct of personal achievements is all that’s holding them together, it’s all that’s powering them up and setting them out for their day.

The worst part is, we laud it whenever it happens because it’s so refreshing.  Um, no?  I think I’m the only person that’s actually kind of horrified by this cult of personality where delusions of grandeur are the latest monolith of human deterioration and the sign of an end to come.  If anything, I find most of that stuff hilarious because these idiots put so much stock into how everyone else should perceive them and whether or not it measures up to the ridiculous standards they have set because their bar is stacked so highly against them due to their own misconceptions of their abilities and intellect.

Most violent crimes, actually, happen because someone’s gotten an idea of their own abominable prowess that they feel they can pull of such a crazy, awful deed.  Murders are frequently the solution to a harsh word or two, someone conserving their reputation because someone may or may not have called them out on some ridiculous social faux pas, or whatever.  Rapes happen because someone says “no” one too many times and the other person has to save face and get what they’re after because some part of their nutter brain thinks that everyone cares about their sexual conquests.

Yeah, we don’t.  Stop ruining the world for the rest of us, please.  Everything else is going wrong, for God’s sake, we don’t really need anything else being mucked up.

Time Bubbles

I’ve heard tell that some silly folks think that I’m being specific about whatever or whomever when I write this stuff, but here’s a secret, most of this stuff was written long before it’s put up.  So, if you think that I’m talking about someone in particular, please take that into mind before you lose your shit and start babbling out your asshole because you confused it for your talkhole.  Just think about it for a second.  I may use topics from three or four weeks prior because that’s when I’m writing it, and it’s a topic that interests me and I felt there was material enough for it to be used as a blog post.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And, yes, I may use words that bring to mind immediacy, but that’s just to avoid confusion.  If every post had a specific time frame to it, it would seem even more cumbersome than it already is.  I don’t need to deal with that kind of bullshit.  It’s just further going with my stance: “Everything here is just a brain dump fueled by excessive annoyance.”  If I’m bothered by some traits that people have, I’m going to write about it.  That’s just how it works.  Most of the time, if I am writing something about behavioral errors, it’s something I run into often, and for all intents and purposes, it’s probably something annoying and you should stop doing it.

Okay, not just you, but everyone that engages in it.  If it’s not a positive trait, why bother with it?  If it’s not a character quirk, then why do you continue doing such perturbing things?  If what you are engaging in is detrimental to your social macrocosm, then what’s the point?  I mean, seriously, you’re not doing yourself or anyone around you any favors.

So if you’re planning on doing some conniving, underhanded deed, just drop it.  Your life will be much better in the long run.  Unless it won’t.  But you should be able to discern that kind of stuff by now if you have any foresight, intuition or precognitive faculties.  If you know what to look for, and if you see that the pros are more numerous than the cons, chances are you should just go with it.  No sense lying or sneaking around and doing damage to your persona and creating a giant schism between people you care about, causing some pedantic side-taking nonsense when you’re a grown-ass adult.

Leave that shit in high school, please.  The real world doesn’t need any more of your bullshit, kiddies.

Dear Internet

Look, I understand that you want to be unique or whatever, but, seriously, your idiotic vocabulary needs to be curtailed.  I especially hate the fact that your dire imbecilities are affecting people in the real world.  What’s up with that?  Maybe that’s a sign that it’s not really the greatest idea to stay latched on to these archaic symbols like some kind of stubborn lamprey.  When Betty White is using the vocabulary that you enjoy using, it’s a sign that your little games are at an end.

I mean, I’m not saying Betty White isn’t completely fucking awesome.  Heavens no.  That was just a bad example and I’m ashamed of myself for using it.  I just couldn’t think of something embarrassing enough at the time of writing this thèse vérité, and I apologize to anyone who might feel that I was unfair.  Then again, if you’re that upset by this sort of thing, you might be better off playing blindfolded in traffic.

But isn’t that kind of the thing that happened to the much maligned atrocity of “l33t sp33k”?  I remember the first time I saw it out in public it basically ended being used on the internet, heretofore referred to as Cybervillage Siliconia.  I refer to it as such because I need something better to refer to the internet as, and the current synonyms just aren’t up to muster.

Now I have to suffer because some numbnuts performer on the teevee box thinks it’s a good idea to use the words “win” and “fail” in syntactically incorrect ways because it’s hip and cool and it’ll get the youth all riled up and watching that shit?  Are we as netizens so base and devoid of competence that we don’t see through this fuck shit stack as the ratings round-up it is?
By the way, I always assumed it was “win” and “lose” or “pass” and “fail”.  I didn’t know we changed the entirety of these comparitive words and just chose one half of each.  Please be more kind to your vocabulary.  Lexicon can be your friend.

And, no, Lexicon is not some strange fetish from Japan.  Please excuse yourself from the table of life.  You are grounded to your room without dinner.


I hope you starve to death.

Mars Needs Moms

People at Portugal. The Man concerts.  Your time is up, and I wish you all nothing but extreme pain and to be forever prejudicated upon for being an absolutely dire mob.  You can’t seem to escape the idiocy that bursts forth from these crowds like water from broken levees.

On both occasions I’ve seen these wonderful folk in concert, I’ve been relegated to enduring the utter contempt that the hateful husks in the crowd breed for anyone in their aggro radius.  Be it a shrieking banshee screaming for “Church fucking Mouth!” while leaving me roughly a square inch of space total or a backwoods retard hanging out with his dad, both getting drunk, the father playing the same horrible harmonica solo to each and every song while his progeny wishes to fist bump.  And I wish I were exaggerating, these things actually happened.

I wished they had gotten into car accidents and had been mortally wounded or further.  My ire was piqued to the point of theoretical homicide.  In any case, the Portugal show crowds were the worst that I have ever been to.  Just abysmal people being abysmal, not for the fact that anything called for it.

Heavens no.

But because they had the opportunity, the chance to be terrible, they grabbed onto this hellroot, latched to it like a barnacle on a whale’s body, and wrung all the dire liquid they could from its eventual pulp, its sap fueling their dark pilgrimages.  I don’t even know what makes people act like this in public places.  How hard is it to carry yourself with some esteem?  When does it reach a point where one becomes a tornado of  malice?  How in God’s name did some of these idiots start moshing to a Minus the Bear tune?

The only reasoning that makes any sense to me is brain damage.

Exit Wounds

Simple question: How in the crap does everything you buy for a house turn into a fucking garbage can?  I mean, seriously, you buy a basket for the mail to go in, but then you’re like, hey, sometimes I need to write out bills, so you throw a pen in there.  Then you think, well, I need to add some stuff, sometimes, so there goes a notepad, then a pencil because you’re bound to make mistakes, then a giant eraser because all pencil erasers suck, and therein is the catalyst for the trash heap.  Suddenly keys that you’ll never use start showing up in the mail basket, maybe a lanyard or two, a few pennies, nicknacks and the like, it’s sort of similar to playing a goddamned game of Katamari Damacy.

Oh, and heaven forbid if you’re in a relationship and it’s a friggin’ communal mail basket or whatever.  Then you get into the situation where everyone is afraid of throwing whatever trinket may be in that receptacle because no one remembers who got what out of whichever quarter machine these things came from, and no one wants to dispose of whatever lies in there because “it might be important someday.”

I say screw it, the next time I go through that sonuvabitch I’m going to just send whatever seems useless to hell, and we’re finally going to have a mail basket again.


Welcome to Hot Topic.  Population: Hobgoblins.

What the hell is up with this place?  I remember a day when I was younger and, if possible, more stupid than I am now.  I used to consider this place a bastion of culture.  The creme de le creme.  The greatest thing ever, as, after all, they overcharge for every single item under their ridiculous banner, and if I’ve learned anything from Rock and Roll, the best things in life are far from free.  Now I consider it the antipode to everything that is tolerable, and usually set foot in this denizen of ultraconforming non-conformists to berate and castigate all those within earshot of my unrelenting snark and bile.

Segue: Castigate and Berate, and/or Snark and Bile might be bands whose CD you’d find within Hot Topic.

And getting onto the music, back in the halcyon days, there was caustic, terrible music coming from the speakers, heard far and wide from the Cinnabon to the Orange Julius, I cannot, of course, recall if these locations are far apart, but the point still stands.  I think when we went to it the previous time, Train was being piped from this store’s doom organ, because we all know that “Drops of Jupiter” is both exceedingly low-key and horrendously obscure.  I long for the days when I hear The Mars Volta bursting forth, filling me with irrevocable glee.  Let’s not even go into the fact that if I see a band I like somewhere in the store, I immediately have to detest them, it is an indisputable rule.  Well played, you shadow of a former king, you shriveled husk of bone and skin waiting to be rewarded for you uninterrupted service to a dark master, to be paved in white and blue and be a beacon of hope to people that think black makes you edgy.  I hope you fall into a pool of AIDS and acid, Lord of Lies.

Perhaps my greatest regret is, when asked by a genie who granted me one single wish, which I fulfilled by finding someone who can bear to spend more than 10 hours in a single area with me, I did not, instead, gift the world with the immediate implosion of these farce factories.  I feel it would have been well worth my eternal sullen loneliness.

Of course, by that point, I’d need a Hot Topic.

That’s how they get ya.