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I’m going to preface this post by writing that a lot of people, some I know, some I might not know, will probably disagree with this post, perhaps even vociferously.  Just remember to keep it civil.

I recently received a letter from Senator Rand Paul that infuriated me.  Maybe you have, too.  And maybe it pissed you off as much as it did me.  This letter, this mass communique, this junk mail, this solicitation, whichever category you feel it fits into,  is about repealing Roe v Wade.  Clearly I disagree with this idea, mostly because I’m a liberal baby-killing monster, but also because I enjoy giving people, like, you know, women, options.  At least I do when it comes to my peers, not specifically on this topic, but any topic.

But the part I don’t understand about this is why abortion is so demonized.  Because we’re killing things that may or may not be alive yet depending on the study you choose to site based on which point you’re trying to make?  Or is it because you read in a book somewhere that every life is sacred (after God told people to crusade like crazy, fucked with Job and spake to Abraham that he should kill his son Isaac, even though he was joking on that last one ’cause Big G is a cut up) and you can’t make your own decisions?  Though I understand it, the thought of killing another person is a weighty beast no matter what their age, but I’d rather someone just terminate someone than have the little creature suffer for a lifetime.

There are many people I know that have worked in homes for troubled children and have had to hear their stories, like the child that had a mother who allowed grown men to rape him so she could score drugs, and sometimes I wonder if that’s the reality that some of these people are trying to create for these chilluns.  I don’t see abortion so much as a solution to a problem as I see it as a preventative measure to avoid having children be brought up in hellish conditions or neglected or abused and then causing more problems in society because people raised in broken homes ofttimes don’t turn out to be the most well-adjusted adults.  It happens, but it’s not a great shot.

I think back to the wonderful Greg Proops who often says that people denying abortions are pro-life but also anti-woman.  There’s a contingency of these pro-lifers who don’t care if a woman was raped or if a pregnancy is caused by incest because it’s an unborn fetus and it should have a right to life.  I get the last part, but why should we care so much for the unborn and not the person who will have to live with the fact that their child was created from rape and the memories of that situation, but let’s say that someone took out part of your liver and then mounted it on your wall, it might open up some mental wounds of when some jerk barged into your life and tore an organ out of your body every time you see it.  But you’re not allowed to take your removed, desiccated organ off the wall because that’s against what someone interpreted in, like, The Tripod Series by John Christopher.  Wouldn’t that get a little overwhelming and nerve wracking?

That’s what you have to think about.  That child is going to be a memory of that moment, no matter what they turn out to be.  And there might be that unconditional love for some people, but more often than not there’s going to be resentment, and do you really want someone to be put through that?  Thanks, people that aren’t the child bearer of that tiny human!

It doesn’t surprise me that it’s mostly men that harp on this stuff, but it honestly surprises me when women don’t want the choice to even be available.  That they want to be locked into a decision that’s being made for them by some dude they don’t know.  But then shit like this happens, where a woman says that rape babies are blessings and I just totally lose my mind.  I don’t understand the kind of mental state someone has to be in, except for total ignorance, to even state something that heinously wrong and horrible.  Like their mind has been twisted by what someone told them when they were growing up so much that they lose all grasp of reality.  I don’t think religion is an awful thing, it can be useful and there are people who practice it that are genuinely good people and they should be respected.  But it’s the nutballs like Sharon Barnes that give spiritual people a bad name who should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a thing.

And then this mess that I came across while doing research for this entry.  Yes, the children in that picture look identical.  Who gives a shit?  It’s not the end, it’s the means of the situation that matters.  What caused the result matters more to some women than the parasitic entity that is growing inside them.  That’s all there is to it and that’s my opinion, but don’t worry, I’m not going to gin up numbers or try to conjure facts to stand by my beliefs to get others to agree with me, either you do or you don’t.  That’s your business.  From what I can see, this whole thing is just an agenda against women that has been going on forever, and trying to shock me or put me into a guilt trip isn’t going to work, pro-lifers, because I’m from the internet and there isn’t a damn thing you can show me that I can’t best with a quick Google search.

I didn’t even get into the insanity where pro-life fundamentalists go out and kill doctors that offer late term abortions, picket family planning clinics and defame, debase or destroy anyone with any power that disagrees with them, because that’s ground tread far too often.  The duality of some people’s morals is just baffling to me.  You can’t kill a baby but killing someone who does a service for the people that are just looking for the option being drawn and quartered is A-OK!  That notion doesn’t make any sense, no matter how you slice it.

Look, I’m not saying that abortion is always the best option, hell, it shouldn’t even be at the top of the list when you don’t think you can provide for the child, at least seriously consider adoption first, and then consider it again and again.  But if the mother cannot bring this child to term or there are medical complications that will lead to the mother dying, then abortion should always be a choice.  It’s a last resort, and that’s all it is.  Don’t let these politicians, zealots, or anyone else take away your choices, because that’s what it is, another attempt to put a clamp on the collective genitals of the American people.


Bubble World

And people wonder why stupid teenagers think the planet revolves around them.  Really?  Well, let’s break it the fuck down.  Due to their little social bubble world, all they have to do is call someone up and, in most cases, they are given immediate attention.  They go on the internet and can see an entire screen dedicated to them.  Everything moves toward them, everything involves them, and they don’t have to deal with any external force if they don’t want to because they can stare at a screen and stick sound filters in their ears and condense everything into three to five letters and surround themselves with bullshit that they identify with, that labels them, that has everything to do with the self and nothing to do with anyone else.  That sense of immediacy and the ignorance sphere is what made them entitled and stupid.  It’s really everyone’s fault because it takes a village to raise a child.  We gave them the world in pog form, and they made it a World of Self, it ruined their sense of shame, their idea of patience and any notion of modesty.

So maybe next time we can dial it back, maybe mete out the rewards, reinstate the waiting game.  Something.  Anything.  Because we have to fix this impossibly huge fuck up somehow.


I just had an interesting conversation about cell-type phonulars.  Like, I don’t get it, why are they suddenly so important to the health and well-being of society when there are about a billion other ways to get in contact with someone due to the persistent connection nature of the here and now, but cell-type phonulars are still exceedingly prevalent, in some situations completely replacing all human contact with a simulacrum of the conventional conversation.

I hear people say at times that it’s easier to lie on the phone than in real life, and, yeah, I guess that’s awesome?  I don’t really know if anyone else can feel that rumbling of uncertainty, but that seems to bode incredibly ill for the future of society at large.  Like, are we intentionally reverting back to tribalism?  There seems to be an increasing number of idiots that are errant sociopaths (as opposed to the corollary?), liars and, for a rare lack of better words, genuine nogoodniks.  I’m not blaming the portable electrical speech machine on this trend, but from personal experience and examination, it does seem to breed apathy, ignorance and spite.  Everyone seems to have turned into Janus.  Yes, that’s rather esoteric, but I do that.

So I got to thinking, it’d be an interesting and probably fruitful social experiment to just have everyone rid themselves of these devices to try and break that dependency.  To see what happens to us when it is taken away.  Will we have more to talk about?  More to experience?  Will human contact cease being gauche and once again become the preferred modus communicandi?  It’s an interesting thought to me, mostly because I think it would be jarring to see the gnashing and wailing of the public at large.

This all comes up because phone plans are goddamned expensive and they have no reason to be.  Someone, who is a genius businessperson, decided that data, which is not a physical thing and is as old as relayed information itself, can be charged and paid for.  I hate that person.  I hate them a lot.  They are pretty much the big reason why talking to people via technologically assisted telepathy is currently so ridiculously expensive.  I mean, it’s not just limited to this field, clearly, as internet service providers, just to name one, work with a similar model, but of course, with our need of immediacy and our world filled with children, some actually children, some just developmentally equal, that require instant gratification, we have started paying for these luxuries, and yes they are clearly luxuries, hand over fist and treating them as necessities.

Sorry, but you can wait to talk to your BFF Jill a couple more hours.  Whatever inane thought just went through your stupid head doesn’t need to be exported in verbal form OMGRIGHTNOW.  We need to reinstate patience as an important and necessary thing, because it has been gone for a long, long time.  I, myself, am guilty of some impatience, but knock it off.  There are few things in the world that are so important that it can’t wait.

I’ll get into this more later.

Dignity, Or A Lack Thereof

Something that’s been bothering me for a while is the sudden and inexplicable loss of any sort of dignity in a lot of the  human race.  Not to mention the cessation of any feelings of modesty and the death of humbleness.  Like, we have this mouthpiece to slather all of the internet with ignorance and ire, and, as the internet is currently in the process of being absolutely commingled with the real flesh and blood world we live in, it’s eventually going to cause everything to be nuked from orbit by precision strife cannons.  Like, honestly, what happened to people to make them so bitter, resentful and wholly caustic to everything that displeases them?  When did we forget that honesty is not sometimes not the best policy, that words can overturn actions and that it’s better to keep your fat idiot mouth shut when something doesn’t concern you.  We’ve become a society that has been overrun by mouthbreathing, opinionated children that don’t know how to think with anything other than the reptilian part of our brain, creating an entirely new language without the help of our Neocortex that consists of nothing but contracted phrases and monosyllabic phonetic acronyms.  What, in our advanced technological age, caused our devolution to something that resembles the apes that we may or may not be descended from?  We’ve become such a basic species that seems to be crossbred between simian and magpie.  We grunt and bungle around from place to place in search of the new, shinier tool, even if it has no practical use and is actually worse than the current thing we are using, if it has that Apple-esque sheen, we want to clumsily clutch and fumble toward it, because we want to be on top of the hill in regards to that theoretical “great new thing”.  Somewhere along the way we let ignorance and vice blow far past knowledge and virtue.  We have sects of people that are willing to do idiotic, horrible things to others and themselves because they don’t care about anyone or anything except for the short-lived immediacy that whatever awful proclivity they might have will bring them, and while I may have expounded on how horrible complacency might be, that needs to be restored to at least somewhat of an inkling.  I’ll modify my thoughts upon that  subject by adding: You can be happy with you have, just don’t settle for it.  We have teenagers idolizing the base mental and physical neglect that they might see on the TV box or in the movin’ pictures because being famous is the easy way out.   You don’t need talent or skill to be  showcased to the world anymore, you either need to be rich or uniquely stupid and/or brazen.  And why?  If that’s what having fame is all about, I’m glad to be some chucklefuck in flyover country because I still have self-respect, despite what any of my self-effacing humor might indicate, as I’ve become quite inured to it.  Something needs to be done.  We need to get back to the roots of what it means to be human.  Humans may be animals, but we have the means to not act like it.  Humans may be animals, but we have the means to reason, think, discuss and react with tact and nobility.  Humans may be animals, but we can react with logic rather than instinct and, instead of becoming some overblown, overpopulous, tribally segregated group of giant, hairy children, we might want to start using our incredibly advanced and powerful brains to function and move the opposite direction and figure out not where we are now, but where we can go from here.  What can we do to fix the issues that are currently hounding us that won’t just come back in the future to bite us in the ass like an Ouroboros?  What can we make to give us better lives that doesn’t sacrifice the working class for more machinery?  What can we do to actually start working together instead of separately, become an incredible think tank to figure out how we can be the best we can be?  It’s not impossible.

All  you need is a little dignity.


So.  PeTA should shut the fuck up.

I mean, yeah, animals are cool and everything and I don’t begrudge animals and their rights.

But calm down and stop being absolutely insane, maybe?

Look, my first actual personal experience with PeTA was some ridiculous game that was haranguing Cooking Mama.

They were saying, like, because there were no vegetarian dishes to make in the game, that it was evil and terribad.

So you were making a Thanksgiving dinner, and everything was bleeding when you did whatever.

You kill a turkey and remove its entrails in rather graphic fashion.

At one point you have to crack eggs, and the eggs bleed.

Like, really?

I don’t know how many eggs I’ve cracked in my life, but I don’t remember seeing any blood.

Besides, their plan backfired because I played the game, realized the mechanics were fun, and went out and bought the first Cooking Mama.

I have more of them, now, so thanks for that, I guess.

Then there’s the couple times where they’ve rallied against the Iowa State Fair for its use of real butter for their sculptures.

So, they’re like, use non-dairy spread, it’s not abusive to the cows.

And I’m just like, ‘Wait a minute, if you don’t milk the cows, their udders actually run the risk of rupturing if they aren’t nursing or whatever.”

So, I don’t get it.

Because they don’t want us to breed the cows.

Do they want these animals to die in an extremely painful fashion?

Can someone help me out here?

So, PeTA, please shut the fuck up.


Eight Years Too Late

I’ve been kind of rabble rousing about the political atmosphere lately, but only because it’s another pair of groups that have found a way to think the same things, but go about fixing them in completely different ways. Just look at the recent debt crisis (since everything is a goddamned crisis, anymore), liberals want to raise taxes on the billionaires and conservatives want to cut funding to certain entitlement programs. Why not do both? I mean, it’d help our country twofold if we do. But within the last eight years, the country has become divided into a hotbed of partisan thinking and bias.

Look, I don’t care if you’re a liberal or a conservative. Both sides are idiots that just want to save face, anymore, and I’m not speaking about the people that follow these ideologies, more the people that are representing them, although the former isn’t helping matters much by not being critical thinkers and voting based on what party whoever is privy to. This whole bipartisan political system has just created another fucking rift that seems to be uncrossable at this point, like we needed any more of those godforsaken things. Why aren’t these senators and representatives thinking of the American people that voted them into office in the first place? Why aren’t they trying to fix this problem instead of being bratty assholes and refusing to compromise? What do they have to gain by drawing this out and kicking the general populous in the beanbag? I mean, honestly, this is getting ridiculous and there’s nothing we can do about it except elect completely new people into office when their time is up.

But therein lies another issue, the human fear of change. What do we really have to lose if someone new that’s a lot more qualified and less paid for goes into office instead of an incumbent? Do you think the idea of political gridlock is awesome? Are you stupid for a living? I wasn’t really kidding when I called for term limits for senators and representatives a few entries ago, and a lot more transparency when it comes to who is taking what money from whichever company or who grabs bribes or whatever. There are way too many loopholes anymore, these politicians are reaping the rewards for saying their bought lines and everyone in the middle and lower class have to deal with the ramifications and consequences of their actions. But why should they care?

This whole ordeal should be a wake up call for everyone that votes and everyone that doesn’t. Being complacent with your previous choices is getting us sacked and being apathetic about it does nothing but leaving us with these sorry sacks of skin that have corrupted and ruined these amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty. Don’t vote incumbent next time you get a chance just because they’re the devil you know, do the research, figure out what their policies are, what they did before they’d get this job, their track record. Think about the things you do before you do them, or we’re going to wind up even worse in the next four years. Do your own searching, don’t listen to the media because they know less of the truth than you do. Follow your heart, your brain and you intuition, because those are the only things you can really trust in this world of bought words.

And don’t even get me started on the spin in the media.

Broken Political Promises

Things I would run a presidential campaign on:

Tonedeaf people would not be able to sing in public, there would be licenses given out to applicable buildings or establishments, but not to individual people, to allow them to do it in the confines of that building or establishment.

Mohawks are banned from the heads of anyone that wasn’t drunk when they made the decision to get a mohawk.

Tattoo Approval Committee, a new legislative body that would take into account what you look like, the potential design that is being requested and the location of that design on your body.  If it is a stupid thing, you will get the word “STUPID” tattooed on your forehead in a stencil-type font.

Schools will be given money.

Millionaires and above will have two choices, get taxed an additional percent upon my taking of office or give 50% of their wealth to some kind of charity.  There will be no way to wheedle out of this, I will be taking the check for either choice personally with an imposing retinue of angry looking men.

Term limits for senators and representatives.  If you do a bad job, you will be fired.  Out of a cannon.  Into the sun.  If you do a good job, you can get your term extended, but it must pass a vote from your constituents.

People are paid based on their importance in a company/workplace and/or on the contributions given to improve the company/workplace.

The bald eagle will be replaced as the mascot of the country by a cartoon pony.

If a television show ends its run on a cliffhanger, the producers of the television show will be allowed to wrap it up in a single episode to be aired close to the start of the fall premiere season.

Fuck your filibuster, it’s over.

And lastly: If you want to teach any fringe sciences in schools, you have to allow people to express themselves religiously in public schools, and in catholic schools, you must do the opposite.

Vote Balthasar Radixius 2024