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No, I Don’t

Something occurred to me, recently.  I lack a lot of passion for things because, growing up, everyone around me was so supportive and told me that I could do anything I wanted to, which ends up being somewhat problematic because then you’re given the Paradox of Choice.  I can do anything I want and no one can stop me, and that’s a great feeling.  The only thing that’s limiting me is my own insecurities and self-loathing, both of which I have in spades.  However, where this becomes an issue is that I still don’t know what I want to do for a living.  I enjoy my job at a TV station, I enjoy my hobbies of writing, or drawing, or of making music, or playing video games and the panoply of other activities I partake in.  And I can do all of these things because I’ve tried them, I was allowed to experiment.

I’ve had no one to argue against, nor to prove wrong, thus I don’t have these same passions that someone else might.  I never had to tell someone “I will become a great author” or “I will become a celebrated painter” or “I’ll make a great album”.  I was never externally limited in my ambitions, I just do stuff until I get bored with it and then stop abruptly and have one less thing to do.  The only thing that people have ever really told me is a necessity or have been forcing me to do is to go back to college and get a degree.

This is my rebellion, as ridiculous as it is.

“But you’ll never get a good job if you don’t graduate.”

No, I’m gonna prove you all wrong.  I’m going to gain experience in my field and get great jobs everywhere in the country, in the world, because I’ll be great at what I do, savvy in the business and gain connections and exposure to people who will see that I know my shit and I can lock it down with the best of them.  I’m going to show these people that matter, that I’m the important part of my education, that I don’t need a piece of expensive paper with ink all over it to prove to the world that I’m worth it.

And yes, I get that this is stupid, and childish, and altogether probably going to result in failure and sadness on my part due to the fact that corporate America, in all it’s glory and wisdom, doesn’t look for the results, it doesn’t look for who can do what and how well.  It looks for the kids with their sheets of paper that show they’ve paid enough to get hired.

Or will they get hired?

Another thing that I’m apprehensive about when it comes to this discussion is that employers also look for experience in the field that you are trying to get hired for.  And thus raises the issue of The Employer’s Absurdity.  To get a job you need to have a degree, which to obtain one you will, under most circumstances, be forced to forgo any job experience while pursuing education for your career by taking a full schedule at college while at the same time the person with the experience in the job might not get employed because they did not get their college education and receive their diploma which proves that they are qualified enough for the job.

Look, assholes, you can’t have both.  Choose one or the other.  Hell, you can train an inexperienced person to do the job simply through the act of repetition, which is all schooling really is, pounding information into the heads of young minds ad infinitum until they can execute actions in a rote manner.  And the guy with the degree can do just as well as someone who has been doing the work for years and will increase their adeptness in the job market quicker than someone who has not completed their secondary education.

I don’t really want to go back to college until these kinks in the system are worked out, and they will be sometime soon.  More people will become savvy of this profoundly absurd hiring system and will rebel against it.  We need to.  There needs to be more than one path to success in this country, if there isn’t, then this isn’t a country where you can be happy in whichever career you choose.  Where everyone is free to be amazing.  Where you can do anything you want to.

And that means everyone’s been lying to me.



So, I came up with an interesting theory just out of boredom and insanity.  Not too long ago the wife and I had ventured to the Yucatan Peninsula.  I forget why, but what’s important is that we went there.  And the fifth reason people go there is for the Mayan stuff.  Mayan stuff clearly follows alcohol, naked women, alcohol and, of course, alcohol.  But we learned an interesting thing from our lovely guide at Chichen Itza (Farewell Felipe… wherever you are…).  We learned the legend of Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcoatl is basically a mystical feathered serpent who will manifest itself as a glowing, white, blond bearded mangod.  They Mayans first believed that when Hernán Cortés first appeared on their shores that he was Quetzalcoatl come again, as he was a white, bearded man and he wore metal armor that shone in the sun.  He was revered and treated as the king of kings until he conquered them and helped begin the forming Mexico as it is today.  But I don’t think this is entirely the case.

The temple at Chichen Itza is where the Mayans once prayed to and revered the God Quetzalcoatl.  In fact, if you go to the temple at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes there are shadows that appear along the stairways that resemble a serpent.  And it is said that the catastrophe that will occur in 2012 will begin at the temple.

With all that out of the way, I can get to where I was going in the first place:

It is my firm belief that Stefani Germanotta, or as the mortals have rendered her ‘Lady Gaga’  is Quetzalcoatl come again, rather than Cortés.  And will bring about our doom in about a year’s time.

Why do I think this?  Let’s see if I can convey this in words.  She has a following of millions of people for producing and manufacturing bland, idiotic technopop that people believe contains meanings.  So, if other idiots feel like that can do that, I can, too.  She tries to pull the bait and switch in the song “Alejandro” in which she states:

I’m not your babe, Fernando.

Something I learned is that the names Hernán, Hernando and Fernando are all the same name in Spanish, more or less.  So she is trying to get you to believe that she is not the same as Hernán Corés.  She wants us to believe that she is benevolent and will not cause a terrible, apocalyptic event that will end the whole of humanity.

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, ‘Jeez, that’s really, really dumb and a bit of a reach.’  Granted, yes, it probably is.  So what other bits of information could I give?  The timeframe of her genesis seems to be rather serendipitous, especially considering the aforementioned awful product she’s cranking out.  Also, the blond hair and Caucasian appearance is also one of the things mentioned about Quetzalcoatl when he will appear as a human and change the world.

Yes, I understand that there was a beard mentioned, but who knows when she’s going to pull off a beard in a costume?  How do we know it was actually a natural beard?  Perhaps it was misinterpreted and the legend just referring to something that is hanging off someone’s chin?  Only time will tell.  How is she on the edge of glory?  Is something amazing about to happen to her?  An ascension to a higher plane of existence?

If it is true, it will end us all.

And you are all to blame for bringing the end of the world to us.

Dignity, Or A Lack Thereof

Something that’s been bothering me for a while is the sudden and inexplicable loss of any sort of dignity in a lot of the  human race.  Not to mention the cessation of any feelings of modesty and the death of humbleness.  Like, we have this mouthpiece to slather all of the internet with ignorance and ire, and, as the internet is currently in the process of being absolutely commingled with the real flesh and blood world we live in, it’s eventually going to cause everything to be nuked from orbit by precision strife cannons.  Like, honestly, what happened to people to make them so bitter, resentful and wholly caustic to everything that displeases them?  When did we forget that honesty is not sometimes not the best policy, that words can overturn actions and that it’s better to keep your fat idiot mouth shut when something doesn’t concern you.  We’ve become a society that has been overrun by mouthbreathing, opinionated children that don’t know how to think with anything other than the reptilian part of our brain, creating an entirely new language without the help of our Neocortex that consists of nothing but contracted phrases and monosyllabic phonetic acronyms.  What, in our advanced technological age, caused our devolution to something that resembles the apes that we may or may not be descended from?  We’ve become such a basic species that seems to be crossbred between simian and magpie.  We grunt and bungle around from place to place in search of the new, shinier tool, even if it has no practical use and is actually worse than the current thing we are using, if it has that Apple-esque sheen, we want to clumsily clutch and fumble toward it, because we want to be on top of the hill in regards to that theoretical “great new thing”.  Somewhere along the way we let ignorance and vice blow far past knowledge and virtue.  We have sects of people that are willing to do idiotic, horrible things to others and themselves because they don’t care about anyone or anything except for the short-lived immediacy that whatever awful proclivity they might have will bring them, and while I may have expounded on how horrible complacency might be, that needs to be restored to at least somewhat of an inkling.  I’ll modify my thoughts upon that  subject by adding: You can be happy with you have, just don’t settle for it.  We have teenagers idolizing the base mental and physical neglect that they might see on the TV box or in the movin’ pictures because being famous is the easy way out.   You don’t need talent or skill to be  showcased to the world anymore, you either need to be rich or uniquely stupid and/or brazen.  And why?  If that’s what having fame is all about, I’m glad to be some chucklefuck in flyover country because I still have self-respect, despite what any of my self-effacing humor might indicate, as I’ve become quite inured to it.  Something needs to be done.  We need to get back to the roots of what it means to be human.  Humans may be animals, but we have the means to not act like it.  Humans may be animals, but we have the means to reason, think, discuss and react with tact and nobility.  Humans may be animals, but we can react with logic rather than instinct and, instead of becoming some overblown, overpopulous, tribally segregated group of giant, hairy children, we might want to start using our incredibly advanced and powerful brains to function and move the opposite direction and figure out not where we are now, but where we can go from here.  What can we do to fix the issues that are currently hounding us that won’t just come back in the future to bite us in the ass like an Ouroboros?  What can we make to give us better lives that doesn’t sacrifice the working class for more machinery?  What can we do to actually start working together instead of separately, become an incredible think tank to figure out how we can be the best we can be?  It’s not impossible.

All  you need is a little dignity.

It’s Not That Important

So, I have a huge problem with the educational system of this country.  And possibly any other country that does the following bullshit.

We hold far too much importance on collegiate education, like if you don’t go on and get a piece of paper, you’re a failure, you’re worthless and, for the most part, unhirable.  And why the hell is that?  Did everyone forget about skilled labor?  There’s an astonishing lack of attention paid upon trade schooling, and it’s equally as important as your doctorates and masters and whatever else.  I mean, and that’s a huge problem in the job market, currently.  I keep hearing that there are jobs, but nobody wants them because we have this fucking idea that anything that doesn’t take place in an office or hospital or anything of that  ilk is pitiable and undesirable and anyone that works in a job like that should be fucking ashamed of themselves for falling that low.

Equally ridiculous is that some people hold factory workers in this kind of light.  But factory workers are making all your shit, so maybe you should think twice on that line of logic.  The horrible thing is this looking down upon people that either didn’t want to waste the money on college, flailing around and not being able to decide what they wanted to major in, which, apparently, is also important for some kind of reason, or couldn’t afford it and fell into other jobs and started families, has become a national thing, a social epidemic, if you will.  And why?

What do you really gain out of collegiate courses in terms of specialized knowledge that you couldn’t from experience with the work itself?  Why do we hold so much importance on a piece of paper that costs thousands upon thousands of dollars?  Why is that better than skilled labor?  Why is that better than someone who works in the food industry?  Why is that better than custodial work, or the little cogs that make your life, your day, your city working correctly?

I don’t want to come down on the people that wanted to go into the academic world, because it’s not their fault, it’s their choice to do this, and if they want to, if they want to get better at something through schooling, that’s fine.  I have a bigger problem with the people running the job market itself, and their need to be contrarian on whether you need the degree, or the experience.  Figure out what you want and get back to me, because you don’t understand what the fuck you’re talking about.

Don’t give up hope if you’re going to college, and don’t give up hope if you’re not.  Don’t look down your nose at those that work in the streets, and don’t get down on yourself if you hold a job like that.

Basically, don’t be an idiot fuckstick, because we’re all people, and we all need help right now.

Bam. Guilty. Of Being In Space.

So, I’ve based a week out of just babbling about space, now.  So I’ll just round it out because that’s what you do.  You stick with shit until it’s finished even if you don’t have any idea for a denouement.  Perseverance and whatnot, I suppose.  But I did feel like going back into the mystery dome of nomenclature, etymology and why we call stuff what we do.  And I’ll start with Earth.

Now, Earth is a pretty cool guy, it spins at 1,040 miles per hour and doesn’t afraid of anything.  But, considering how absolutely wacky and Roman all the other planets are, why are The Earth and The Moon relegated to completely different linguistic roots?

That’s the tricky part.

Turns out that Moon and Earth and derived from Germanic words.  Like, really, really old Anglo Saxon words.  Granted, “erde” is still used in German, which is probably where the English language gets it from, but the word I’m referring to is the Old Saxon “ertha”.  If you go places with a Latin based language, like France or Italy, you’re more likely to get the Latin derived “terra” cognates.  And then scientists love Greek stuff, and that’s where the “geo-” prefix comes from.  Okay, so we probably knew the second parts, but the prevalence of the Anglo Saxon based word is kind of strange.  Why is this the only planet with multiple names to describe it?  Why don’t we just fix it with Terra and The Moon with Luna and be done with it?

Probably a similar issue with the Pluto debacle, people being stubborn and refusing to change.  Or, to be a little more optimistic, it’s not necessary.  When we describe the planet that we inhabit, people will know what we’re talking about regardless of if we call it Terra or Gaia or Earth or World or whatever.  That’s common knowledge.  That’s something we don’t need encapsulated into a single term.

But The Moon?  We don’t inhabit that place, and it’s still as much of a mystery today as it was fifty years back.  Sure, we have a better understanding of its composition and how it is today, but we’re still discovering new and incredible things about it, like that it’s not monochromatic, there are colors in the regolith due to the different minerals and elements that are in the soil of the moon.  This was hypothesized by L. Rudaux in 1967 and really only proven after we could get high enough aperture digital cameras and the software available to supersaturate the colors in the photos.  Just Google search that business.  It’s pretty astounding.

But the fact that Germanic based languages decided to break the usual habit of the rest of the world and base their word for this satellite after the proto-Germanic Mǣnōn instead of, say, Luna or, even if we wanted to go apeshit and try out Greek for once and break out Selene, is kind of baffling. Isn’t it odd, though, that all the features on the planet, like the giant basalt plains and the cold lava seas are given Latin names instead of region specific ones?  Instead of “Sea of Tranquility” or “Yuri’s Crater” or “Land of Frost” we get “Mare Tranquillitatis” and “Catena Yuri” and “Terra Pruinæ”.  Which, granted, sounds cooler, in my opinion, but it’s still a rather jarring contrast from how they’ve done all this other stuff.

Maybe we don’t contest either Earth or The Moon since they’ve been a constant presence since any animal on this planet has been able to see and be aware of what thing is which and which thing is what.  Language is such a strange, strange tool.

Judge Space Sun Presiding

I think the thing that irritates me the most about this whole space exploration debacle is that there’s no real reason for us to stop it except money, or whatever…

And yes, I realize that the current economic climate isn’t really copacetic with as expensive an asset as NASA has proven to be for the longest time.  But, I mean… We still have crap up there that we either need to get to for maintenance or otherwise, like the ISS and Hubble, and now, instead of sending people locally, we’re going to have to pay Russia millions of dollars to send us up there because their shuttles are really the only ones that have managed to not suck for the last fifty years.

So, we still have a vested interest in the exploration and observation of celestial bodies and the inky darkness but we’re not willing to do any of the legwork due to economic stress that we’re going to have to put up with anyway if we want to follow up on anything even remotely involving anything extraterrestrial.  Sure, that makes sense.

Speaking of nonsense, there’s also the people that are still pissed about Pluto being changed from an actual planet into a dwarf planet and I just kind of let them vent because apparently it’s super important and something to get upset about.  But they’re not looking at it in a logical perspective.  They’re not seeing that designating it as a dwarf planet has increased the amount of objects that we are designating with names and actually could be discussing instead of bothering with how “outrageous and controversial” the decision to change the classification of Pluto was.

After that happened, besides Pluto we classified four other heliocentric orbital bodies as definite dwarf planets, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea and Eris as well as four potential dwarf planets, Orcus, Quaoar, Sedna and the as yet officially named 2007 OR.  We can now discuss these objects in other ways than asteroids and/or Trans-Neptunian Objects which are also referred to as Plutoids, which is what Ceres was identified as after 1850.  It’s actually very exciting if you look at it in a certain perspective.

It gives us a broader brush to stroke at the unknown with, we can understand things in less certain terms and figure out more facts to fill in the gaps.  I find that far more useful than having nine planets.

Gonna Be in Space

I’ve been reading a lot of stupid crap about space.

Because I’m a big fan of it.  And that’s pretty much it.  We know such a small fraction about it, and we keep finding newer and more amazing things pretty much all the time.  Even though most of it is speculative and theoretical, it’s still just astonishing to the right person.  And I seem to be the right person.

Honestly, it started about two weeks ago where, in a whimsical, hair up my ass moment, I started looking up my favorite planet, Neptune.  And all the stuff about it, like how it has the fastest winds in the solar system, that its small ring system is composed of broken up arcs of rock and ice debris.  How its outer atmosphere is among the coldest recorded in our solar system, yet its internal temperature radiates about two and a half times its heat received from the sun, that it was once called Le Verrer’s Planet, and almost Janus or Oceanus before finally being designated Neptune.

Since I was on Wikipedia I got stuck on an endless loop of links to other articles on Wikipedia.  First to Neptune, then to Voyager 2, then to Voyager Golden Record, followed by AC+79 3888, Polaris, and on and on.

Just stupid space crap for two damn hours.

I guess you could say the inky, pinpricked blackness is my passion.  A passion, of course, that will go unrealized due to the absolute apathy of the American populace and higher-ups in regards to its exploration and observation.

Our planet is dying slowly because we keep using everything in it that we can reach, and we’re doing nothing to refill the coffers.  And since we’ve been doing this for thousands of years, I’d consider the situation too far gone and we need to do something to ensure a future, no matter how far it is.

But the human body can barely handle going the speed of sound, try multiplying that by about 240, that pressure is unbearable by almost every object that has ever been seen by human eyes.  There’s no two ways about it.

If we even get the gumption to ascertain some sort of stasis field that can protect us from this destructive amount of gravity, we have to realize that the closest system is possibly still 4 and a half years away at even this speed.  And there’s not even a chance that α Centauri has anything resembling a planet that can sustain life, considering it’s a binary star system and their 80 year orbit can vary by such a wide degree there might still have to be planet hopping or something.

Really, the best options we have are terraforming Mars, or finding a way to live on the Jovian satellite Io or the Saturnine satellite Titan.

Unless, of course, someone has a way of folding space.